• Parkhill School

    Parkhill School is an intensive therapeutic day program serving children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges.

  • Summit View School

    Summit View School fosters the fullest potential of students with specific learning disabilities. In this dynamic environment, students build their academic skills, experience the educational process as positive and rewarding.

  • Young Learners Preschool for Autism

    Young Learners Preschool for Autism is designed for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. This program assesses the nature and degree of the challenges each child is confronting and fosters development in all essential areas through an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Village Glen School

    Village Glen School for students with social and communicative disorders, including Asperger’s Disorder, high-functioning autism, and nonverbal learning disabilities. The Pace Program is available for gifted students. The Beacon Program educates students with behavioral challenges.

  • Bridgeport School

    Bridgeport School integrates an academic curriculum with hands-on life skills training and vocational services for students with mild cognitive delays and challenges in the areas of social communication and/or language development.