Full Service Partnership (FSP) is a community-based program that provides intensive mental health services. By providing a parent advocate, therapist, psychiatrist and case manager to work with the child, the entire family is offered hope. Through this process, successful outcomes are achieved, and family strengths are celebrated. The opportunities for change are provided in the home and community settings with the goals of increasing family involvement, family empowerment and improved mental health.

Children are eligible based on mental health needs that require an intensive, in-home approach.  If interested, please complete and submit the FSP contact form.  The program coordinator will determine if the child qualifies for FSP. Referrals can be made from therapists, schools, the Probation Department, DCFS, self or from other community collaborators. Children may not have private insurance or be already enrolled in other intensive programs. 


Honey Dardashti, MS, MFT
Senior Program Coordinator

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Phone number: 818.947.2011

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