Absent Again: Strategies to Improve School Attendance

Regular school attendance is crucial to the development and education of children. However, despite best intentions, there are often significant and persistent barriers.

To address the ever growing challenge of school absenteeism, The Help Group’s Dianne Lotivio, M.A. and Nicole Jorenson, MA, LMFT, and North LA County Regional Center’s Monica G. Munguia, MA shared their expertise about practical strategies parents and professionals can implement.

Jason Bolton, PsyD
VP of Communications Partnerships & Admissions at The Help Group

Dianne Lotivio, MA
Attendance & Retention, School Based Programs at The Help Group
Program Director at Kids Like Me

Nicole Jorenson, MA, LMFT
Director of School Based Behavioral Services at The Help Group

Monica G. Munguia, MA
I.D.E.A Specialist, North LA County Regional Center (NLACRC)