Advance LA Summer Prep Program to Prepare Teens and Young Adults for Smooth Transition to College or Career


Advance LA


Every year, The Help Group’s Advance LA ( presents the Advance LA Summer Prep Program, a week-long residential program designed for young people between the ages of 16 and 21.  The program serves young men and women with a wide range of needs including learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, executive functioning difficulties, and ADHD. It is designed to prepare them for the transition to college or support those who are already enrolled but would benefit from additional practice in skills leading to academic success. The program also helps those exploring vocational options.

Advance LA’s Summer PREP Program is held in a supportive environment where participants can learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful and inde­pendent in their college or career pursuits while gaining the experience of living away from their families. The schedule includes engaging activities and the op­portunity to meet new people with similar backgrounds and challenges.

Advance LA’s Summer PREP Program is held on a university campus, which is situated in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains. The campus is located in the heart of the city and provides participants with a true college living experience.

The daily schedule allows participants the ability to practice real-life skills de­signed to help them become indepen­dent. Skill-building opportunities include a choice of the vocational or college path with life skills, social skills, executive func­tioning and health and wellness embedded throughout.

The core component of the Summer PREP program is its emphasis on skill-building. Program participants will learn life skills, such as money management, cooking and cleaning; executive functioning, which includes and time management, schedule implementation, and prioritization; and social connections, the development of healthy and long-lasting relationships with peers. The program will also focus on academic supports, such as identifying colleges and exploring interests and passions; health and wellness, which promotes healthy eating habits and includes strategies for dealing with stress; and internships and careers, giving participants the opportunity to explore career paths and learn job interview techniques.

The Advance LA Summer Prep Program will be held on the American Jewish University ( campus, located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The program includes six nights in a college dorm, a meal plan, and evening social and recreational activities.

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