Kaleidoscope February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023 Newsletter

To our Kaleidoscope community,

We hope you and your families have had a safe and healthy transition into this new year! As we began 2023, our Kaleidoscope team said a fond farewell to our amazing Jeri Rochman, who served as our Program Director for the past 2 1/2 years. Jay Baldwin, who has been part of Kaleidoscope’s team since the beginning of 2022, will be taking over as new Program Director, and is looking forward to growing Kaleidoscope’s programs and offerings in 2023. We are all excited to offer you several events in the month of February, including a movie night for our LGBTQ+ youth 12-17 and a new in person support group for parents of LGBTQ+ teens. As always, we appreciate your continued financial support, and you can help us to keep these programs going by donating here.

In this month’s blogpost, Program Coordinator Leo Kirkham reflects on the concept of Valentine’s Day and how LGBTQ+ folks and their allies can celebrate and reclaim this traditional and commercialized day of love in new and unique ways.

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Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season.
-The Kaleidoscope Team

Jay Baldwin
Program Navigator

Leo Kirkham
Program Coordinator

Laurie Stephens, Ph.D. PSY 18520
Sr. Director, Autism & LGBTQ+ Programs

Jordan Sasiela, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA
Pre-Doctoral Intern

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Valentine’s Day is an ancient holiday that has changed over time from a feast day to honor the Christian martyr Saint Valentine, to a holiday celebrating love and romance across the world.  

Some queer and trans people feel that Valentine’s Day is an overly commercialized, heteronormative holiday. Traditional social expectations dictate that Valentine’s Day is a day that a man will purchase flowers, chocolates, and a Hallmark greeting card for a woman.

But from a trans person who doesn’t fit this gender binary, to a gay man who would prefer to be buying the chocolates for another man, to an asexual or aromantic person who doesn’t even have an interest in the whole affair, there are many ways that this traditional Valentine’s narrative does not fit the LGBTQIA community. Rather than participating in the commercial holiday – or in addition to it! – I suggest the following tips for cultivating self-love and community on Valentine’s Day.

Upcoming LGBTQIA+ Events, Services & More

Movie Night for LGBTQ+ Teens 12-17

Fri., Feb 10th | 6 – 8 pm PT
Sherman Oaks (In Person)

Back by popular demand, what better way to celebrate queer Valentine’s Day than watching the second three episodes of Netflix’s Heart Stopper! Join us in person for pizza and snacks. Free!

Parent/Caregiver Support Group

Fri., Feb 10th | 6:30 – 7:30 pm PT
Sherman Oaks (In-person)
This new free and ongoing support group is for parents and caregivers of LGBTQ+ and questioning youth. This is a safe space to share and gain valuable information, advice, and resources. Will be held at the same time as our social group for LGBTQ+ young people in order to serve our youth and their families simultaneously.

Mental Health Services

Kaleidoscope offers individual & group therapy as well as psychiatric care in a safe & affirming environment at affordable rates. We accept insurance, Medi-cal, and offer sliding-scale rates based upon annual income. Contact us to learn more.

Individual Coaching

Coaching available for LGBTQIA+ youth & young adults who need assistance with identifying goals, taking next steps, & establishing healthy connections in community settings. Contact us to learn more.

Training & Presentations

We offer training, education & presentations to parents, administrators, and the community to provide LGBTQIA+ youth with the affirming support that they need to thrive. Contact us to learn more.

Other Programs at The Help Group

Upcoming Webcast:

My Child Was Diagnosed with Autism. Now What?

Please join us virtually on March 8th for our next webinar. Learn more about what an ASD diagnosis means, strength-based approaches to your child’s needs, and available services and resources for you and your child. Free to attend, via Zoom. 

DATE: March 8th
TIME: 10 – 11 am

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Kaleidoscope’s mission is to provide services and supports for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults to help each person realize their unique and full potential. We focus on mental health services, family training and support, forming strong social connections, finding allies and developing critically needed life and coping skills. Kaleidoscope hopes to pave the way to self, family and community acceptance, resilience and care needed for LGBTQ+ folks to thrive.

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