May 2022 Newsletter

To our Kaleidoscope community,

Our program’s foundation is built on providing affirmative support for neurotypical and neurodivergent young people who identify as LGBTQIA+. As some of you may be aware, there are currently states trying to put anti-LGBTQIA+ laws into place. Here at Kaleidoscope, we stand with the LGBTQIA+ community and we created a position statement to declare our stance against these harmful laws. Our Program Navigator Jay Baldwin met with our Help Group schools’ GSAs to discuss the situation and provided postcards to any student who wanted to share their feelings with politicians who are creating these cruel laws. We are proud of our brave and empowered students.

Many LGBTQIA+ young people yearn for their parent’s acceptance of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some parents easily accept their child for who they are while other parents are on a journey to acceptance.

This month’s blogpost is about the value of Parent Support Groups with helping parents learn about the LGBTQIA+ community and increasing their awareness of how vital their unconditional love and support is for their LGBTQIA+ children. In the post, we share a conversation with our Lead Therapist and Parent Support Group Leader, Dr. Joselyn Valle, about Kaleidoscope’s free, monthly support groups for English and Spanish speaking parents.

Also, as many of you may already know, June is Pride Month. Kaleidoscope is excited to be participating in a few events throughout the month. Please save the below dates and make sure to come by and say hi! We may just have a special gift for you at our booth as well.

  • June 1: Pasadena’s First LGBTQ Pride Event – Resource Fair
  • June 4: WeHo Pride Street Fair
  • June 25: San Fernando Valley Pride Event

Lastly, we invite you to follow us on social media and keep current on our clubs and groups meetings as well as special events. Please comment, share, and tag your friends, as we celebrate all things LGBTQIA+ on Instagram @kaleidoscopelgbtq, and follow us on Facebook at KaleidoscopeLGBTQ.

Our warmest wishes,
-The Kaleidoscope Team

Jeri Rochman, JD, MS
Program Director

Laurie Stephens, Ph.D. PSY 18520
Sr. Director, Autism & LGBTQ+ Programs

Joselyn Valle, PsyD
LGBTQIA+ Psychologist

Jay Baldwin
Program Navigator

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Growing up is rarely a smooth or easy journey. This is especially true when you are figuring out who you are, and trying to affirm amd assert your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Parents of LGBTQIA+ children and teens may find their child’s maturation a challenging time. But family support and acceptance is vital to the physical and emotional health of young people who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Joining a parent support group is a wonderful resource for parents of LGBTQIA+ children as it can be comforting to talk with fellow parents who are on the same journey. Kaleidoscope offers a a free, ongoing, monthly support group for parents and caregivers of LGBTQAI+ young people for both English and Spanish speakers.

Upcoming LGBTQIA+ Events, Services & More

Pride Club for Ages 13 – 17

1st Wednesday of the Month
Wed., May 4th  | 5 – 6pm | Zoom

Connect virtually with other LGBTQIA+ youth ages 13 – 17 and their allies through creative activities, games, discussions, & hanging out.

Parent/Caregivers Support Group – In English

ENGLISH – Thurs., May 12th | 6-7 pm

These free virtual sessions are a great space for parents and caretakers to connect, receive support, and learn from one another. Group discussions will be facilitated by Dr. Joselyn Valle (she/ella), LGBTQIA+ Therapist with The Help Group’s Kaleidoscope program.

Positive Psychology: A Therapeutic Approach for Adolescents & Their Parents

Wednesday, May 25th | 10-11am 

The Help Group’s next webcast is designed to present the latest research on mental health issues in ASD and to provide information on the latest and most innovative therapies for helping autistic youth and their parents cope with these challenges. We’ll hear from an autistic young adult what was most beneficial in therapy for them and also a parent’s perspective on how therapy helped their child. Free to attend!

Young Adult Coffee Chat & Support Ages 18-24

4th Thursday of the Month
Thurs., May  26th | 5-6 pm | In Person
Young adults (ages 18-24) of the LGBTQIA+ community are invited to join Kaleidoscope for an afternoon of meeting peers, getting resources, and feeling connected. Location will be sent after RSVP.

Grupo de Apoyo para Padres – En Español

En Español – Jueves, 27 de Mayo | 6-7 pm

Estas sesiones virtuales son gratis y diseñadas para que los padres y cuidadores puedan concetar, recibir apoyo y aprender unos de otros. Las discusiones grupales serán facilitadas por la Dra. Joselyn Valle, Terapeuta LGBTQIA+ con el programa Kaleidoscope de The Help Group. This free and monthly virtual support group in Spanish is a great space for parents and caretakers to connect, receive affirming support strategies, and learn from one another.

Parent Education Group

Fall 2022

A new group for parents of LGBTQIA+ young people with autism will be forming in Fall 2022. This 6-week long group will focus on teaching skills and discussing topics including: Gender Identity Exploration; “Coming Out;” Managing Mental Health Challenges and Improving Parent-Child Relationships and Communication Skills. Our monthly support group for parents who have completed this program will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7-8pm.

Mental Health Services

Kaleidoscope offers individual & group therapy as well as psychiatric care in a safe & affirming environment at affordable rates. We accept insurance, Medi-cal, and offer sliding-scale rates based upon annual income. Contact us to learn more.

Individual Coaching

Coaching available for LGBTQIA+ youth & young adults who need assistance with identifying goals, taking next steps, & establishing healthy connections in community settings. Contact us to learn more.

Training & Presentations

We offer training, education & presentations to parents, administrators, and the community to provide LGBTQIA+ youth with the affirming support that they need to thrive. Contact us to learn more.


Kaleidoscope’s mission is to provide services and supports for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults to help each person realize their unique and full potential. We focus on mental health services, family training and support, forming strong social connections, finding allies and developing critically needed life and coping skills. Kaleidoscope hopes to pave the way to self, family and community acceptance, resilience and care needed for LGBTQ+ folks to thrive.

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