“Knights Day” at Village Glen


The second annual “Knights Day” was celebrated today at The Help Group’s Village Glen School in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The fun day was full of activities for students to demonstrate their awareness of expected learner outcomes for WASC. The day is also meant to bring together middle school students and high school students from Village Glen to help 8th graders better understand what to expect in their next academic year. Each class experienced a mini academic decathlon and practiced their social skills through activities like: card tricks, karaoke, a scavenger hunt, yoga, riddles and logic puzzles.

“Today was meant to build a sense of community with our Village Glen middle school and high school students,” said Pamela Clark, Director of Autism Schools at The Help Group. “It was really a fun and special day for everyone.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Teacher Specialist at The Help Group, Kamlin Borgwardt said that today “is also a reminder that there is a lot of important skills we want our students to learn in the next year.”

The students earned tickets for participating throughout the day and won prizes like comic books, gift cards and small electronics like headphones. The day finished with the 8th graders serving as “reporters” and were given press passes to take pictures and interview high school students to find out more about what they can expect in their next year.

Preston, 16, a sophomore at Village Glen said his favorite part of the day was “getting to hang out with my friends and being able to socialize.”