Registration Now Open for The Miracle Project at The Help Group


The Help Group’s Kids Like Me program is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2014 spring season of The Miracle Project, the acclaimed theatre arts program for children and teens with autism and other special needs. The Miracle Project gives young people the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance, acting and story writing.

Two parents whose children have participated in The Miracle Project at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Autism Center Theater recently shared their experiences.

“I am so grateful that The Miracle Project has been in my daughter’s life for the past three years,” said Abbey’s mom, Christine. “This program is unique and beneficial on so many levels. I have witnessed tremendous growth in my daughter’s confidence and focus.

The performers get to improvise and make up their own characters.  My daughter, who is highly aware of being different, always talks of being a cheerleader, so it was great to see her create a cheerleader character in the last show (so technically she can’t say she wasn’t one).  She also got a solo in the last show which was a huge accomplishment for her – she still talks about it!! 

The bonus is the shows are FANTASTIC!!  I have brought friends to see these shows, and they LOVE them.  High production values, great venue and amazing performances – such a special event with an incredibly talented staff.”

Another parent offered the perspective as the parent of a student participant and of a volunteer. “The Miracle Project had been a wonderful experience for both my daughters Camille and Chelsea. Camille, a student at The Help Group’s Bridgeport School, joined and performed in the last three Miracle Project seasons, while Chelsea volunteered her time to help in the practices and the performances.

Both of my girls enjoyed and learned a lot in the months of preparation. Camille made friends with a lot of kids in the play and became more self-confident in performing in front of an audience. Chelsea’s volunteer experience helped her become more mature and compassionate over the years. She also inspired a friend to volunteer in the last Miracle Project season.

As a parent, the most rewarding thing for me about this experience is the joy I see in both my daughters every time I pick them up from the practices and all the stories they share with me from that day. I am very grateful to all the staff and volunteers of The Miracle Project and The Help Group for giving all the kids the opportunity to bring out their best potential.”

The next season of The Miracle Project begins next Thursday, January 16th at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Campus. Classes run Thursdays through June 8th from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. To sign up, please contact Kids Like Me Director Nicole Webb at or by phone at (818) 778-7136.