steam-banner-thgwebThis summer, Village Glen Elementary, Middle and High Schools will supplement their traditional academic curriculum with STEAM, an exciting new program designed to spark students’ imaginations and engage them with hands-on, project-based, and creative lessons. STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – will be offered at both the Sherman Oaks and Culver City campuses.

“The STEAM approach is critical for the future success of our students in the real world,” said Pamela Clark, MA, Director of The Help Group’s Autism Schools. “STEAM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.”

Elementary and middle school students enrolled in the STEAM program will explore methods of transportation and movement and apply them to various academic and real-world lessons. First and second graders will learn about the different types of transportation that people use around the world and engage in practical activities that explore the world of movement.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students will examine the evolution of roller coasters, apply their knowledge to a wide range of subjects including poetry and science, and construct roller coaster models. Fifth and sixth graders will explore the science of flight, study how humans have integrated technology into innovative ideas, and design their own helicopters, airplanes, and space shuttles.

Sixth graders will study the significance and impact of cars in our society, learn about the history of cars and technological advances in the field, and construct their own models. Seventh and eighth grade students will work to identify and propose solutions to the public transportation system, conduct research and develop prototypes, and collaborate on a marketing campaign.

High school students will choose from a number of diverse courses that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Classes include web design and development, improv, robotics, audio engineering, cartoon animation, screenwriting, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in remedial and prep courses as well as Driver’s Education.

For more information about the STEAM summer program or to enroll your child, please call 877-994-3586. 

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