The Help Group Celebrates 11th Annual
Festival of Arts Sponsored by Bear Givers

Festival of Arts 2024

On Sunday, April 14, 2024, The Help Group hosted an inspiring art exhibit featuring student artists from all nine of its special education schools at the Brad Buckman Studio in Burbank. The exhibit, “I See the World, The World Sees Me,” was a celebration of neurodiversity, highlighting the artistic talents of Help Group students, generously sponsored by Bear Givers for the 11th year.

The afternoon event featured three captivating exhibits:

“Through Our Eyes”: More than 130 paintings reflecting the diverse perspectives of the student artists.
“The Art of STEM”: An innovative installation of 3D art and graphic design, exploring the intersection of art and science.
“In Focus: Images and Words”: A compelling and vibrant photography exhibition filled with images and words that reflect each student’s unique view of the world.

This annual event was open to Help Group families and the general community, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and appreciation for the neurodiversity of our young artists. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, a true champion of our students, joined the festivities.
Joe Sprung, Chairman and Founder of Bear Givers expressed, “Thank you to all the students and teachers that have put together this beautiful art exhibition.” Bear Givers, Diane Lempert, Executive Director and Michele Mirman, President joined in the festivities and applauded the artists for their exceptional work.

The Help Group believes in the transformative power of the arts as a vehicle of self-expression and discovery among its students. Through the Bear Givers EmpowerArt program, these young artists had the opportunity to share the diversity of their experiences through their artwork and to experience their creations showcased in a professional studio setting. “This event marked the culmination of the school year’s arts program and STEM projects, and bolstered a sense of pride and accomplishment in each young artist,” said Bradley Shahine, Director of Community Partnerships at The Help Group.

“It was a day filled with so much heart and was such a powerful reminder of the limitless potential of our young people,” shared Dr. Susan Berman, President and CEO, The Help Group. “The pride and joy that filled the room was palpable…on the part of the artists, their families, and our staff. Believing that learning about oneself and the world comes in many forms, we were thrilled to shine the light on the power of the arts and witness our students’ confidence evolve throughout the process.”

Aidan, a 17-year old Summit View West student whose acrylic on canvas art was on display shared, “I thought it was quite neat how my art was seen by many people. I was trying to express how my mind tends to see things, it was a form of self-expression in the sense it shows you how my imagination works. This was quite the event and I believe it was a great opportunity to make people smile.”

“It was an absolute honor to be a part of the art show. It was really nice to see my painting in this type of exhibit. The painting I did for the art show is essentially how I try to be different from everyone else and how I wanted to symbolize a transformative moment in my life. Additionally, my painting captures the beauty of changing and transforming within the natural world.”

Shawn G.
11th grader at Summit View West High School

The Help Group extends its congratulations to each of the young artists for such a terrific exhibition, and a profound appreciation to parents, art educators, and staff, and a special heartfelt thanks to Bear Givers, a remarkable nonprofit based in New York, dedicated to bringing joy to the lives of children in need.

Thank you to each of our remarkable young artists for sharing your talent, creativity and your love of art with us.

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Congratulations to all the artists!