Camps & Afterschool Enrichment


  • Stem^3 Academy

    STEM3 Academy provides an innovative and rigorous K-12 curriculum for students with social and learning differences, including autism, who have a passion for STEM fields and may benefit from experiential learning approaches.


  • Kids Like Me Classes, Clubs and Activities

    All kids need opportunities to have fun, connect with others, learn new skills, make friends and enjoy a sense of belonging… That’s what Kids Like Me is all about!

  • club l.a. TEEN

    CLUB L.A. TEEN is an exciting social club for teens ages 13 to 17 with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. Monthly events provide great opportunities for making connections and building friendships with teens that share common interests.<

  • club l.a.

    club l.a.provides a supported social network for young adults ages 18 and up who have autism spectrum disorders or who need assistance in developing and maintaining friendships.