Programs & Services - Social Skills Program

The Help Group’s Social Skills Classes

For 4-6 year olds with autism spectrum disorder, twice exceptional (2-E),
& other social-communication challenges

Is your young child bright but quirky? Are they struggling to meet the social-emotional and behavioral demands of preschool and early ed? Do they want to make friends, but lack the skills to do so? Do they have a lot to say, but struggle with conversation? We have some exciting news for you!

The Help Group is launching a 20-session, evidence-based social skills program for 4 to 6 year-olds with ASD, twice exceptionality (2-E) and other social-communication challenges. To maximize skill generalization, five sessions will be devoted to parent training.

Children must speak in (non-echoed) phrases/sentences and be able to attend to short group lessons with minimal support. All classes will be in-person. We will assist participants in wearing their masks, while providing reminders and short breaks!

Research has demonstrated the role of social skills in developing and maintaining relationships and supporting educational performance. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to form the social foundations for your child’s success and happiness!

These 90-minute weekly sessions are designed to teach:

  • Eye gaze and eye contact 

  • Feeling words/emotion vocabulary 

  • Emotion regulation/coping skills 

  • Body language and gestures 

  • Listening/following directions 

  • Community skills 

  • Conversation basics (e.g., greetings, goodbyes, maintaining “give-and-take”) 

  • Friendship basics (e.g., joining in, sharing and turn-taking, being a good sport) 

  • Social thinking (i.e., reading social clues, being a “social detective”) 

  • “Expected” and “unexpected” behaviors 

  • Transitions 


Coming in Early 2022


$50/Session (20 sessions total)

How to Register:

Please contact Dr. Laurie Stephens at


Sherman Oaks
13164 Burbank Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401