• Bridgeport Vocational Center

    Bridgeport Vocational Education Center is for young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences, ages 18 to 22, providing vocational skills training, including supported job placements.

  • Sunrise School

    Sunrise School is dedicated to promoting communicative, behavioral, social, academic, motor, adaptive and independent living skills. These comprehensive programs enable each student to maximize their potential.


  • Advance LA Transitioning Teens & Young Adults

    At Advance LA we offer the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by parents of teens and young adults with special needs, “What happens next?” We provide that much needed support that facilitates a greater level of independence for each of our clients based on their individual needs.

  • club l.a.

    club l.a.provides a supported social network for young adults ages 18 and up who have autism spectrum disorders or who need assistance in developing and maintaining friendships.

  • Project Six Adult Residential Program

    Project Six is dedicated to improving the quality of life of adults with developmental disabilities through endorsing choices and protecting rights. Anchored by the belief that every individual is entitled to the supports and structure necessary to help maximize potential, Project Six is committed to a person-centered team approach which supports each resident in the achievement of self-worth and happiness.

  • Vocational Skills Training Program

    The Help Group’s Vocational Skills Training Program is a unique vocational day program designed especially for transition age youth, ages 18 to 22, with Asperger’s Disorder, high functioning autism and related challenges.

  • We Can Work Program

    The We Can Work Program provides valuable vocational training to high school students currently enrolled in one of The Help Group’s specialized day schools.

Parent Education

  • Parent Support Groups

    The Help Group is pleased to offer ongoing support groups for parents and families of children, adolescents and young adults with special needs.


  • Square Peg – Round Holes

    The Help Group’s 2019 Advance LA Conference, Square Peg – Round Holes: Dare to be Different featured internationally prominent experts whose research and practice support young adults with autism, learning differences, and ADHD. 2019’s conference focused on neurodiversity, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), LGBTQ+ research and support, social skills, career paths, executive functioning, and more.

  • Thriving Through Transitions

    The Help Group’s 2018 Advance LA Conference, Thriving Through Transitions: Finding Strengths in Differences featured internationally prominent experts whose research and practice support young people with autism, learning differences and ADHD in their transition to college, the workplace and beyond. This year’s conference theme focused on neurodiversity and the many strengths young adults can harness as they transition to adulthood.

  • #Connect

    On Friday, May 5th, 2017, we held our annual Advance LA Conference at The American Jewish University. The theme was CONNECT, and the conference featured nationally prominent experts whose research and practice support young people with autism, learning differences, and ADHD in their transition to college, the workplace, and beyond. We are grateful to our speakers, and especially to our sponsors who helped make all the magic happen. This year’s event was sponsored by Center for Discovery, Optimum Performance Institute (OPI), Evoke Therapy Programs, and Lindamood-Bell.

  • The Science of Happiness

  • Summit 2014

    The Help Group’s Summit 2014 is a cutting edge conference that features 30 leading experts in basic and applied research, and evidence-based best practices in assessment, intervention and treatment. Widely recognized for the scope, depth and caliber of its offerings, the Summit is designed for educators, clinicians/therapists and parents. Each year, the program provides a rich and informative experience to its attendees.

  • Resilience Conference (2014)

    Advance LA’s 2014 Conference, titled RESILIENCE, presented cutting edge research and interventions that focused on easing this transition process. The Resilience Conference was held at American Jewish University on Friday, May 2nd, 2014.

  • Summit 2013

  • in´no·vate (2013)

    Advance LA offers an annual conference for parents and professionals on a variety of topics to meet the growing need to support teens and young adults during their transition to independence. Please see below for information on our 2012 conference and our upcoming 2013 conference.

  • Summit 2012

    The Help Group Summit 2012 – Advances and Best Practices in Autism, Learning Disabilities and ADHD took place on October 26th and 27th at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. With First 5 California as the Major Sponsor and ABC 7 as Media Sponsor, this year’s event featured 30 leading experts who provided cutting edge information to 600 attendees.

  • prep. launch. elevate (2012)

    Advance LA’s first annual conference prep.launch.elevate: Supporting Teens & Young Adults in their Transition to Independence was a groundbreaking event. Held on May 11th at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, the conference featured more than 20 leading experts who presented the latest breakthroughs and best practices in supporting young adults in their transition to independence.

  • Summit 2011

  • Summit 2010

    The Help Group Summit 2010 – Advances and Best Practices in Autism, Learning Disabilities and ADHD convened on Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.