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The Help Group’s North Hills Prep (NHP), fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum while supporting and challenging creative learners in a nurturing and inclusive community. Students who may have emotional or motivational challenges, learning differences or problems with attention are provided the tools, guidance and understanding they need to succeed.

NHP recognizes each student’s unique capabilities and encourages them to explore their varied interests. Teachers, parents and administrators work together to inspire students to be responsible, caring, informed, prepared and well-balanced young adults.

The Help Group’s North Hills Prep students will strive to become…

…capable individuals who…

  • Seek mastery of academic content and technological resources
  • Apply academic learning to real-life situations
  • Prioritize tasks and use time wisely

…confident problem-solvers who…

  • Express thoughts and feelings clearly and honestly
  • Adapt to changing circumstances calmly and thoughtfully
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts successfully

…responsible citizens who…

  • Develop practical, personal and professional life skills
  • Demonstrate respect toward people and property
  • Contribute positively to the community


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NHP’s educational models and practices excite students about learning. Its scope of study includes an enriched and stimulating college preparatory curriculum that meets state and private university standards. With a low student to teacher ratio, teachers bring their knowledge, caring and dedication into the classroom each day.

In addition to the regular coursework required by LAUSD and other local school districts, THGNHP offers an “Academy System” to supplement required academics. Within elective options, students receive specialized training in a chosen Academy, which provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to help further define their college plans and/or enter the work world with a head start.

THG’s North Hills Prep offers the following academies:

  1. Academy of Information Technology and Media
  2. Academy of Creative and Performing Arts
  3. Academy of Math and Science
  4. Academy of Culinary Arts and Industries
  5. Academy of Fitness and Health Services

Student Life

Student Life

At The Help Group’s North Hills Prep, a wide range of experiences and opportunities for our students are available. The campus is filled with active and engaged students, something that we believe is critical to academic, social and emotional development.


Council is an activity unique to THG’s North Hills Prep. Based on Native American tradition, it gives students an opportunity to come together and express themselves in a safe manner and environment. Emphasis is placed on listening without judgment and exploring personal truths and universal understanding.


Each year students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and come together with peers of like interests. Anime Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Literary Club, Hiking and Zoology Clubs are just some of the lunch-time offerings.

Field Trips

Field trips include both educational and “reward” excursions into the community. Over the past few years, North Hills Prep has taken students to a variety of settings such as the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Museum of Tolerance, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the California Science Center.

Community Service

Students are expected to perform community service annually as part of their promotion or graduation requirement.

Creative and Performing Arts

Creative Arts

North Hills Prep has a long history of attracting students with artistic talent and the desire to express themselves creatively. The highly enriched Visual and Performing Arts program offers students the opportunity to explore their undiscovered talents and to realize their passions. Students have the opportunity to perform their craft during Back-to-School nights, Open Houses, Talent Shows, campus assemblies and events and an annual theatrical production. With a state-of-the-art media lab, music recording studio, green screen technology, animation programming, art workshop and theater production troupe, students can engage in a wide variety of arts experiences.



North Hills Prep is committed to providing our students with a state-of-the-art campus outfitted with a wide range of technology enrichment.

Smart Boards

Smart Boards are interactive whiteboards that allow teachers to deliver dynamic lessons, access an unlimited variety of instructional material and online visual media, write notes and save and electronically send work done in class. Smart Boards stimulate the visual learning and interest of the elementary students to high school seniors and encourage natural collaboration between teachers and students.

Computer Lab

The computer lab includes both Mac and PC computers and is a valuable resource for teaching crucial skills necessary for our students to succeed in today’s information-based society. Technology-based curriculum options train students in Microsoft and Adobe programs, as well as programs for film editing, animation and graphic design. All students are offered numerous learning opportunities through the use of several innovative and practical software programs such as Inspiration 9, Write Out Loud, Read Out Loud, Solo Sign In, Co-Writer 6, Draft Builder 6, and Kidspiration.


Students have access to an AlphaSmart device allowing them to gain knowledge and practice in keyboarding. Students with graphomotor challenges may also have more frequent access to an AlphaSmart. Every classroom is equipped with a student computer as well, for use by students as needed.

Homework Web Page

The Homework Page is available through a link on the website and allows parents to keep up with their student’s assignments. Content is updated regularly by teachers.



Physical education and athletics complement and enrich the academic experience and are integral to every student’s education and personal growth. As such, the athletic program is designed to foster enjoyment in physical activity as well as a life-long commitment to health and fitness. The campus houses a fitness training center, indoor basketball court and regulation gym.

Students are eligible to participate in competitive league play where they learn to make positive contributions to the team, to work together, to develop confidence and to enhance their athletic skills. Current teams include Softball, Flag Football, Basketball, and Soccer.

Transitional Services

Transitional Services

The transition from high school to the next chapter is one that should be carefully and thoughtfully addressed. For those who are college bound, NHP’s college counselor ensures that appropriate courses and standardized tests are taken throughout the student’s high school career. During the junior year, the counselor, student and parents work together to identify schools in which the student is most likely to succeed and then assists the student in the application process. Students who are seeking to enter the work force post-graduation are eligible to participate in vocational training programs that offer career assessment, pre-employment training, job placement and on-the-job training. These programs are funded through the California Department of Rehabilitation and the State Department of Education.

Program Administration

Program Administration

Elin Bradley
Director of Therapeutic Schools and Residential Treatment

Van Nuys

Frank Shapiro, MFT
Head of School

Gayle Rebel, MA
Administrative Principal

Lorena Salazar, MA
Program Coordinator

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