Dear Families–

We hope you all had a wonderful summer filled with fun, family, and fabulous memories. As we prepare to transition to fall, we know that many of you are in the midst of establishing back-to-school routines for the year ahead. Creating a structured environment of personal growth, stimulation, and engagement is so important for our children. So, in this month’s blog post, we delve into the incredible power of enrichment programs and how they can profoundly benefit autistic and neurodiverse children.

At Kids Like Me, we provide after-school enriching activities that cater to the unique needs of our young people, believing that every child deserves the opportunity to engage with their peers, their community, and activities that they not only enjoy but also contribute to their overall development. So as we transition into cooler weather, we invite you to make us a part of your routine. Check out and sign up for our varied and fun-filled offerings for this Fall! 

We look forward to sharing many enriching experiences with you and your child in the upcoming year.
Dianne Lotivio
Program Director
The Help Group’s Kids Like Me

When Kelani was six, she watched her grandmother sew quilts on an old-fashioned sewing machine and became fascinated. She asked her mother to teach her to sew and quickly her passion and skills grew. Kelani’s mother signed her up for a local sewing class after school– this was what she needed to thrive in many areas.

While she had been a shy and anxious child, Kelani quickly found a group of peers who shared her interests and love of fashion in her after-school classes. Her confidence grew, not just in sewing, but in all areas like social skills, perseverance, and emotional regulation. Now, Kelani is on her way to NYU to study fashion design.


Registration Now Open for After-School Enrichment Programs!
September 11 – October 30 | Sherman Oaks, CA 

Don’t miss out! Register now for our After-School Enrichment Programs and let your children embark on a journey of growth, learning, and fun. Shape their future, expand their horizons, and allow them to make memories that last a lifetime. Kids Like Me’s after-school enrichment programs are specially designed to foster social, emotional, and physical development, ensuring every young person’s unique abilities are recognized and nurtured. Whether your child is interested in pursuing martial arts, game design, or crafting, we offer just the right program for them. Space is limited, so secure their spot today!

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Parents Like Me

Parent Support Group
Wed., Sept 6 | 6-7pm

Parents Like Me Parent Support Groups are for parents and caregivers of neurodivergent kids and teens 17 years of age or younger. These are free online sessions that provide a safe space for parents and caregivers to share, connect, and provide support for one another.

A Family Afternoon of Board Games

Sat., Sept 23 | 1-3 pm

Enjoy an afternoon of board games and snacks with The Help Group’s Kids Like Me program in Sherman Oaks. You’ll meet, compete, or cooperate with other neurodivergent children and families, and have fun in the process! Suitable for families with children ages 6 and up!

RV Arcade for Teens

Friday, Oct. 6 | 4-6 pm PT

Sherman Oaks, CA

Join us for our first monthly Teen social event! Pick from a vast selection of video games to play with new friends. Snacks will be served. These events encourage creativity, active participation, and the development of important social skills.

Girl Talk for Teens

Friday, Oct. 13 | 4-5 pm PT

Sherman Oaks, CA

Join our first group get-together for teen girls ages 13-17 seeking a place to chat and belong with discussions led by a therapist. We will discuss hot topics like love, dating, friendships, personal growth, and more. Snacks will be served.



Unlocking Opportunities For Neurodiverse Young Adults

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of our last webcast where we discussed transition planning, vocational support, community college supports, and provided resources.

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The Help Group Kids Like Me programs, located in the Los Angeles area, are designed especially for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. Children with special needs can benefit greatly from fun, recreational activities that encourage social skills as well as developmental growth. Kids Like Me participants will enjoy a wide variety of enriching programs. Each child from preschool age to high school age will be engaged in structured activities facilitated and overseen by highly trained professionals.LEARN MORE

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