St3m robotics competition

The STEM³ Academy robotics team proudly won 1st and 2nd place in the first two challenge matches of the regional Vex IQ Robotics challenge. Presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, The Help Group’s middle-school team, Octoπ, were competing against neurotypical young people from schools across Los Angeles. It was a victory very well deserved and an opportunity to foster greater understanding and acceptance among neurotypical students and the broader community about the capabilities of neurodiverse students. A win all round – a boost in the confidence of our students and a celebration of their abilities. Showcasing that when given the right supports, everyone can excel.

Beyond the competition, robotics encourages personal and inter-personal skills including communication, creativity and empathy. Our students learn that key life skills, such as developing friendships, defending reasoned beliefs, and working with peers and team mates are just as important to success as knowledge and facts.

At The Help Group, students enthusiastically use their natural abilities to learn coding, 3D modeling and builder and maker skills, and explore and test solutions through exciting, hands-on projects. The Help Group’s STEM curriculum is designed to foster collaboration, social and emotional skills, thinking skills and creativity among special learners. The STEM program prides itself on its start of the 1000 square foot innovation lab filled with opportunities to explore and create, preparing them for 21st century careers.

Congratulations to our STEM robotics team on two impressive wins. We are so proud of all of your determination and hard work.