This webcast discusses the frequent question asked by parents of teens and young adults with special needs – “What happens next?” and “How can we maximize independent functioning?”

This webcast welcomes parents, educators, professionals, and the community at large.

During this webcast, we discussed:

  • Transition planning
  • Vocational support and job coaching opportunities
  • Community college supports – Resources


Heather Humphrey, MA, LMFT, Sr. Director of Adult & Clinical Services, The Help Group

Kyle Kerfoot, Assistant Director of Vocational Services at The Help Group

Andi Ambartsumyan, M. Ed., School Principal, Bridgeport School at The Help Group

Enyetta Mingo PhD, EdD, Director of Instructional Learning at The Help Group

Stephanie Schlatter, MBA, M.Ed., Associate Dean of SSD at Los Angeles Valley College