Title Therapeutic Behavioral Services Specialist (TBS Specialist)
Categories Behavior Specialist, Reach, Support
Location Van Nuys Campus
Job Information

Job Title:        Therapeutic Behavioral Services Specialist (TBS Specialist)

Reports To:    Therapeutic Behavioral Services Coordinator

Supervises:     N/A




To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent must have:


  • A Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BS) in social work, psychology, education, or related discipline from an accredited college or university, or its equivalent.
  • Four years experience working in a mental health related setting or having provided direct service to individuals with a disability.
  • The ability to be a positive role model for staff and exercise appropriate judgment in all situations.
  • Very effective communication and interpersonal skills to relate and work with referral sources, agency staff, parents, and families in the community. 
  • Working knowledge of behavioral interventions and strategies approved by The Help Group and the Los Angeles County or State Departments of Mental Health.
  • Demonstrated awareness and understanding of cultural, racial, and economic diversity and its impact on service provisions.
  • Emotional stability to function effectively with children, adolescents, and adults who may emotional or behavioral problems.
  • Ability to think critically and logically in a variety of settings that may be disorganized or free from professional structure.
  • Physical ability to maintain a level of physical activity commensurate with the activity level of the child/youth and to engage in basic lifting, walking, and driving as required.
  • Personal computer skills including the use of word processing and spreadsheet software.
  • Current California Driver’s License and a driving record acceptable to the Agency’s insurance carrier, if required by job duties.
  • The incumbent must be able to perform this job safely, without endangering the health or safety of him/herself or others.




Ensures the safety of the child or youth in the community setting.


Identifies, initiates, and maintains effective working relationships with community workers and other mental health providers involved in service delivery.


Communicates regularly with supervision clinical staff and program director regarding client progress and challenges.


Prepares and provides approved individualized behavioral interventions as required to meet target goals, including but not limited to:


  • Time-structuring activities
  • Inappropriate response prevention
  • Design and implementation of reward systems
  • Implementation of cognitive-behavioral strategies
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Support for families and foster families
  • Home/school schedule development and planning


Job Title:                              Therapeutic Behavioral Services Specialist (TBS Specialist)


  • Modeling and role-playing
    • Serve as a positive role model to families in the program;
    • Assist in developing the child/youth’s ability to sustain self-directed appropriate behavior and internalize a sense of social responsibility;
    • Collaborate with members of a mental health team to provide positive behavioral support interventions and occasional crisis intervention as needed to enable the child/youth’s ability to participate in community activities.

Assists the client with daily routines and social interactions within the home, school, and community.


Collaborates with mental health providers and team members in the development, implementation, monitoring, and achievement of target goals and objectives for treatment.


Identifies and develops intervention strategies to be utilized by families or foster families during targeting daily routines which are problematic for clients.


Shares information regarding positive behavioral interventions with family or caretakers.


Documents, in writing, daily interventions and forwards information to designated location.


Establishes positive and supportive relationship with child/youth and his or her family/caretaker; and maintains appropriate professional boundaries in accordance with The Help Group policy and procedures.


Communicates with teachers, clinicians, childcare workers, parents, community workers, and others directly involved with the client regarding goals and objectives.


Be on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and occasionally available during the weekend and night hours to assist the client meet his/her goals.


Participates in continual and required training relevant to Therapeutic Behavioral Specialists and mental health treatment.


Presents a professional image to families, community, and governmental organizations/departments at all times.

Conduct all functions in accordance with Agency guidelines, policies and procedures.


 Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Arrange work schedule or required hours to the benefit of the Outpatient Department with the approval of the Outpatient Director.


Complete first aid, CPR and CPI training.

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