If you walk into the Walgreens in Van Nuys while Armando Aguilar is working, you are guaranteed to have an outstanding experience. You’ll receive a warm greeting, a friendly smile, and an offer to assist you with whatever you need. On top of his excellent knowledge of the store’s layout, Armando goes out of his way to keep the store organized, creating an easy and convenient shopping environment for customers. Now in his senior year, Armando is completing his second placement at Walgreens. When discussing where he’d like to work this year, he immediately and enthusiastically chose Walgreens. It was clear that he not only enjoyed the work he was doing, he was eager to continue improving his skills. Armando is a quick learner and was able to master his assigned task almost immediately. Now, he uses that mastery to help streamline work processes and model appropriate behavior and provide support to peers. His positive attitude is infectious and his ability to focus on task and take initiative sets a great example for his fellow workers. Armando says he enjoys his work because he gets to help people be healthy and he “gets to make people smile.” He has been saving his paychecks and hopes to one day use his savings to buy a car, although he hasn’t decided which one to buy yet; there are too many for this car guy to choose from!