Students from The Help Group’s specialized schools celebrated culminating ceremonies and graduations at each of its six campuses this June. Donning caps and gowns and wide-smiles, students gathered with families, friends and Help Group teachers and staff to share in this special rite-of-passage.
Commencement speeches were filled with hope, the triumphs of overcoming setbacks and meeting each new challenge with resilience and grit. Met with enthusiastic applause from guests, students shared special performances, funny memories spent with peers, touching moments about realizing strengths, and the potential to set goals and soar.
“We are so proud of our students and what our students are capable of accomplishing each and every day,” expressed Dr. Susan Berman, Help Group Chief Operating Officer. “They inspire our commitment to do all that we can to foster their abilities, and ensure that every child at The Help Group has the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.”
The Help Group’s broad range of educational and therapeutic schools offer a placement and pathway to meet each student’s unique needs. “School programs that are WASC accredited and offer college-track curricula, provide opportunities for students to reach college and beyond. Schools that are vocationally-based or life-skills based, are designed to meet each student’s individual level of ability, and to enable them to achieve a variety of successes. The key is focusing on each child’s strengths, and then creating opportunities to maximize their potential,” said Dr. Berman.

The Help Group’s multidisciplinary team of administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, speech & language providers and occupational therapy providers were all recognized for their commitment throughout the school year to helping our students succeed.
Congratulations to each of our students and their families!