June marked the special rite of passage for several graduating students from The Help Group’s specialized day schools. Ceremonies took place at each of The Help Group’s five campuses, and were filled with families and friends gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of their loved ones.

Students proudly wore caps and gowns as they came forward to receive their diplomas. Inspiring, often reflective and sometimes humorous speeches were made, to commemorate the many accomplishments of students during their time here, including – personal stories of overcoming challenges, funny moments with friends, and dreams for the future.

Dr. Susan Berman, Chief Operating Officer shared, “The Help Group is so proud of its graduates. They inspire us with their courage and strength and we are incredibly excited to hear about their next chapter.”

The Help Group’s multi-disciplinary team of administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, speech & language providers and occupational therapy providers were all recognized for their commitment throughout the school year to helping our students on their pathways to success.

Congratulations to all of The Help Group students and their families!