Celebrating Halloween at The Help Group

Help Group Teacher Emma Taylor and Help Group Teacher’s Assistant Michele Carlin

On October 31st, Help Group students celebrated Halloween by dressing up in costumes, and trick-or-treating across the Sherman Oaks campus. Students from various schools and programs showed their spook-tacular spirit with inventive and festive outfits.

And, throughout the week, Bridgeport Vocational Education Center students went door-to-door with beautiful Halloween gift baskets they made during class – with proceeds going to help kids in need in downtown Los Angeles.

Sara McCracken, Director of Early Education at The Help Group, remarked, “Trick-or-treating at school provides a fun experience that motivates students to practice communication and social skills. Staff from all over the campus enjoy interacting with our students. Teachers do a lot of preparation to help students know what to expect, and they practice what to do.  Students enjoy dressing up and seeing their friends and even adults dressing up, too. There are so many natural learning opportunities that students can then generalize into their family holiday routines.”

#2: Help Group Teacher Emily Werman helping a student trick-or-treat

#4: Dr. Marion Nachshon of The Help Group’s Sunrise School and a Sunrise student