On Tuesday, December 3, The Help Group participated in Giving Tuesday – a global day of charitable giving at the start of the holiday season. Organizations around the world raise money for various causes – making this day of giving a major online philanthropic event.

This year, The Help Group raised money for The Kids Like Me Day Camp Scholarship Fund to provide the camp experience for children with autism and other special needs. The Help Group’s Kids Like Me Day Camps give children wonderful opportunities to have fun, make friends, learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy a sense of belonging. The Kids Like Me Scholarship Fund was established to help families who might not otherwise be able to afford day camp.

“The camp experience is so vital for the kids in our community. Kids Like Me day camps provide opportunities for students to further develop their social skills, and maintain important daily structure in the winter and summer breaks between school sessions. The money raised for the Kids Like Me Day Camp Scholarship Fund will ensure that families who might not be able to afford camp are able to give their child this amazing resource. We are grateful to all those who donated this year,” remarked Nicole Webb, Kids Like Me Program Director.