The Help Group’s Bridgeport Vocational Education Center continued with its annual tradition of giving back to the community at LA Family Housing (LAFH). For the third year, the students had the privilege of cooking and feeding 200 people that otherwise would not have had a warm meal. LAFH focuses on helping the most vulnerable people in Los Angeles, including veterans, chronically homeless adults, youths transitioning out of foster care, survivors of domestic violence or trauma, and children.

“During this very busy day, we witnessed the best from our students, as they all came together to create a memorable experience for our guests,” said Andy Ambartsumyan, Principal at Bridgeport Vocational Education Center. “Each student came back wanting to learn what else they can do to help others.”

The Help Group’s Bridgeport Vocational Education Center is for young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences, ages 18 to 22, providing vocational skills training, including supported job placements.