The Help Group’s Summer Camps Featured on Good Morning

Reprinted from Good Morning America online Summer 2020


Summer 2020 won’t be the idyllic canoeing-on-the-lake camp you might have envisioned for your kid. But online summer camps for kids at home aren’t necessarily a sad stand-in for the “real” thing. In fact, your kid could have a pretty great summer doing many of the same things they’d do at traditional camp, like making new friends, learning cool things, and improving academic skills.

In some ways, online programs may even have a bit of an edge over an in-person camp. With go-at-your-own-pace lessons, one-on-one meetings with counselors, and experienced instructors, kids get to take advantage of learning opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.


The Help Group’s Kids Like Me. Starts at $90; age 6 and up. Although usually based in southern California, these camps for kids with autism, ADHD, and other learning and attention issues have shifted online. Kids can choose from three sessions: STEM, learning and improving social skills, and a traditional-style camp with activities from sports to music and drama. All camps are led by trained professionals and experienced counselors. How it works: Two hours of live instruction in the morning and two hours in the afternoon via Zoom; the STEM class is Monday to Friday, but the other camps have both half-day and three-days-a-week options.

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