Leading the Way in Education: The Help Group to Open its 10th School This Summer


The Help Group is pleased to announce the opening of its newest school, STEM3 Academy, at its Valley Glen Campus. The first high school of its kind, STEM3 Academy’s mission is to connect the particular strengths of students with social and learning differences, including autism, with an innovative and rigorous curriculum that positions students for future success. The school is unique in providing a rich and varied curriculum designed to develop the natural skills and abilities of its students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-related disciplines.

As many as 85% of adults with social and learning differences are either unemployed or underemployed, yet there will be 8.65 million STEM-related jobs available by 2018. STEM3 Academy uniquely prepares its students to take advantage of the opportunities available in STEM-related fields after graduation.

“The Help Group is thrilled to open this truly unique school. The opening of STEM3 Academy promises to change life options for students,” remarked Dr. Susan Berman, COO of The Help Group. “The next generation of scientists and engineers are sitting in our classrooms. We’re helping these students realize their full potential and preparing them to fill high-quality jobs.”

“STEM literacy, with its emphasis on real-world, hands-on problem-solving, gives students the foundation they need to make a significant contribution to the workforce,” added Dr. Ellis Crasnow, Director of STEM Education, who is overseeing the development of the school.

STEM3 Academy creates this literacy through in-class projects as well as internships, senior projects and personalized education plans. Both required and elective classes encourage participation and cooperation among students as they ready themselves for a world in which collaborating and making presentations are as essential as keyboarding and coding. STEM3 Academy offers an award-winning robotics program, computer programming, wide range of AP classes, digital arts and videography, and a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab.

On August 24th 2015, STEM3 Academy will open its doors to students grades 9 through 12 in time for the 2015/16 academic year. For more information, to schedule a tour or apply, visit www.stem3academy.org or contact Ellis Crasnow at (818) 625-6324 or ecrasnow@stem3academy.org