Meet Maria: A Success Story from The Help Group’s CalWORKs Program


The Help Group’s CalWORKs program has been hard at work during the pandemic. In the past year, we have had 21 new job starts, at companies such as, Express Professional Services, AppleOne Staffing, LAUSD, Vallarta Supermarket, and Dynamic nursing.  Other participants have successfully started their own businesses or enrolled in full-time schooling.  The program’s enhanced approach includes services provided by a multidisciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic team that consists of clinicians, psychiatrists, employment specialists, and case managers who work together to alleviate mental health barriers and supporting clients in meeting their employment goals. All services are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client and their family.

Services also include the Individualized Placement and Support program, an evidence-based program, helps participants identify and acquire competitive part-time or full-time jobs of their choice with rapid job-search and placement services. It includes assessment, resume building, enhancing interview skills, assistance with job search, job coaching, and job follow-along supports.

Meet Maria, a CalWORKs Success Story:

Maria is a 38-year-old single mother with two young children.  She was a victim of domestic violence and overcame many challenges including, inability to maintain employment, relational issues, and difficulty trusting others.  She participated in the CalWORKs program for 2 years and worked closely with her therapist and employment specialist on addressing mental health barriers that prevented her from employment.  She successfully completed two educational programs during Covid-19, a Certified Nurse Assistant and Floral Designer.  She was able to obtain a full-time job as a delivery driver for a laboratory delivering Covid-19 testing kits.  Maria was also able to start her own Floral Design business.  Client has increased her confidence, healthy boundaries, and communication skills. Client learned vital skills that will allow her to continue to grow professionally and personally.

For more information, contact Juliana Veksler, CalWORKs Program Coordinator via email or phone 818-267-2754 or contact your local GAIN office (877) 292-4246.