Dr. Barbara Firestone stands with Dianne Fraser as she receives her Music for Autism Spotlight Award

On Sunday, February 3rd, The Help Group once again hosted a Music for Autism concert at the Sherman Oaks campus, and recognized Dianne Fraser with Music for Autism’s Spotlight Artist Award.

The Help Group welcomed back seasoned Music for Autism performers: singer and Spotlight Award recipient Dianne Fraser; pianist Brad Ellis of Glee fame; Broadway alum Eydie Alyson; and American Idol finalist David Hernandez.

(L-R) Dr. Barbara Firestone, David Hernandez, Dianne Fraser, Brad Ellis, Eydie Alyson, Bradley Shahine, Pam Clark, Director of Autism Schools at The Help Group, and young concert attendees

The event commenced when Bradley Shahine, Director of Public Affairs at The Help Group, greeted all of the young people and their families in the audience, and shared a few Help Group updates.  Bradley then introduced Dr. Barbara Firestone, Help Group President & CEO, to the podium. Dr. Firestone welcomed the audience, introduced the performers, and spoke a few words about Dianne Fraser before presenting her with the Music for Autism Spotlight Award.

Dr. Firestone remarked, “We are thrilled to recognize Dianne Fraser, a wonderful performer and longtime friend of The Help Group, with Music for Autism’s Spotlight Award. Dianne is a remarkable woman with great heart and great talent who so graciously brings the magic of her music, and that of her friends, to our young people and their families.”

The concert was filled with rousing, memorable numbers from the American Songbook. The performers belted classic tunes, such as “I Got Rhythm”; “Summer Time”; “Georgia On My Mind”; and “Happy Days Are Here Again.” The audience tapped their toes, sang and clapped along, and many young people even leapt off their feet to dance to the music. The feeling of joy in the room was inescapable!

“This past Sunday’s Music for Autism concert was truly uplifting. Young people and their families were inspired to sing and dance along with the performers. Music for Autism concerts are so valuable to our Help Group Community ~ the event raises the spirits of everyone who attends, and the musicians who perform as well,” said Dr. Firestone.


#3 (L-R) Dr. Barbara Firestone, David Hernandez, Dianne Fraser, Brad Ellis, Eydie Alyson, Bradley Shahine

#4 Brad Ellis plays and sings

#5 Eydie Alyson and Dianne Fraser sing a duet

#6 David Hernandez sings to the crowd

#8 David Hernandez, Eydie Alyson and Dianne Fraser sing together

#10 Dianne Fraser sings with a concert goer