Singers Rosalie Vega, Jennifer Kumiyama, Sam Pablo, pianist David Soloman Galvan, join Help Group President & CEO, Dr. Barbara Firestone, and Bradley Shahine, Director of Public Affairs at The Help Group.

In January, The Help Group kicked off the New Year with a Music for Autism concert at the Sherman Oaks Campus. The theme of the concert was “A Disney Afternoon.”

The Help Group once again welcomed the talented singer and disability rights activist, Jennifer Kumiyami, to the stage. Jennifer was joined by her guests, singers Sam Pablo and Rosalie Vega, alongside pianist David Solomon Galvan.

Bradley Shahine, Help Group Public Affairs Director, commenced  the concert with opening remarks, and Dr. Barbara Firestone, Help Group President & CEO, welcomed the audience and introduced the performers.

The concert was filled with memorable Disney classics from movies like Frozen and Aladdin. Many of the attendees

were inspired to sing along to their favorite Disney songs. The concert featured more than just Disney numbers, however. Jennifer and Rosalie performed “For Good,” a touching duet from the famed musical Wicked. Many of the young concert-goers joined the performers on stage to sing and dance with them. It was truly an afternoon full of revelry!

One parent who attended the concert remarked, “My son had a great time! He loves music, but is very sensitive to loud noises. Thanks to you guys, he was able to enjoy a concert without being overstimulated, and to interact with the artists and other kids – even better!”

“I’m thrilled that parents and young people had the opportunity to participate in the magic of music through our ongoing collaboration with Music for Autism. This concert brought so much joy to the families in our community. It was truly a heartwarming afternoon,” said Dr. Barbara Firestone.

Bradley Shahine and Dr. Firestone presented the musical guests with special presents for each to take home. The performers even stayed after the concert to take photos with the enthusiastic young people.

Our heartfelt thanks to our Music for Autism friends, performers Jennifer Kumiyami, Sam Pablo, Rosalie Vega, David Solomon Galvan, our volunteers, and the amazing faculty of The Help Group for making this concert such a wonderful afternoon for the children.