Your child has just been given the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For some, the news comes as a shock, while others may have been expecting it. The important thing to know is that the diagnosis does not close any doors to your child’s future. In this webcast, we review the first steps of educating yourself about the diagnosis, learning about strength-based approaches to your child’s needs, and discussing available services and resources for you and your child.

For parents, educators, professionals, and the community at large.

In this webcast, we go over the following:

  • • What is the first thing to do after receiving an autism diagnosis?
  • • What can I do at home to help my child?
  • • What services can I seek to help my child?
  • • Where can I learn more?

Guest Speakers:

  • • Dr. Jason Bolton (Moderator) – VP of Admissions & Community Partnerships, The Help Group
  • • Dr. Laurie Stephens – Sr. Director of Autism & Clinical Services, The Help Group
  • • Dr. Anacary Ramirez, Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellow, The Help Group