Positive Psychology: A Therapeutic Approach for Adolescents & for Parents

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we discussed the benefits of positive psychology for teens and for parents.

Positive psychology is the study of what makes life most worth living. Therapy is a safe space to navigate challenges, build coping skills, and heal what hurts in order to live a more fulfilling life. Together we talked about how we build strengths, practice optimism and gratitude, and learn how to promote an authentic life. Authenticity is when what we think, feel, do, and say are all in alignment; authenticity and a sense of fulfillment go hand in hand. In this webcast, we explored how positive psychology can be used to benefit teens (of all abilities) as well as benefit parents who may be struggling with their own issues.

Topics covered included:

  • Know Your Feelings: Defining Your Emotional Wants, Needs, & Desires
  • What You Think Shapes How You Feel: Let’s Talk About Mood
  • Eat, Sleep, Exercise, Relax: Developing Healthy Habits For a Better Life
  • Let’s Get Real, A Look At Relationships: Reflect on Who Brings You Energy and Who
  • Depletes You
  • Know Your Thoughts: Unpacking How Your Inner Narrative Shapes How You Live
  • Happiness & Authenticity: How Are They Related and What Do They Mean for You?
  • Let’s Talk: Using Therapy to Talk About Anything Related to Living a Happy, Authentic Life
  • Q&A Panel


Jason Bolton, PsyD (moderator) – Therapist at Lumina Counseling and VP of Community Partnerships & Admissions at The Help Group

Heather Humphrey, LMFT – Therapist at Lumina Counseling and Director of Adult & Vocational Services at The Help Group

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