Training programs are available for graduate students in Psychology, Social Work and Clinical Art Therapy. The programs offer second and third-year students an opportunity to conduct individual, family and group psychotherapy within either school-based or outpatient settings. Trainees learn about service delivery and multidisciplinary teamwork, as well as their professional role within the context of a community mental health agency. We emphasize working with a culturally complex clientele who experience a wide range of mental health issues.

Art Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy Art Therapy practicum students must be second-year students attending Loyola Marymount University.

Social Work

Master’s Level Social Work students should inform their training faculty of their interest in applying to The Help Group’s second-year Social Work internship program. Interviews are typically conducted in April.


Psychology practicum applicants must be enrolled in a Psychology graduate program that is a member of the Southern California Association of Psychology Training Programs (SCAPTP) and that is accredited by the American Psychology Association (APA). Psychology practicum students apply to The Help Group once approved by their graduate school to do so.