Advance LA is screening the critically acclaimed documentary “Autism in Love” on January 12, beginning at 7 p.m. The movie will be shown at The Help Group’s Autism Center in Sherman Oaks and will feature a Q & A with the director, Matt Fuller, following the film.

“Autism in Love” follows the story of four adults with autism spectrum disorders as they search for and manage romantic relationships. The documentary shows the wide range of perspective on the spectrum, as it asks the question, “What happens when children with autism become adults and want to have lives of their own?”

Fuller spoke with The Huffington Post about his ambitions for making the documentary. “I’m always looking for opportunities to tell stories about characters who want something it seems as though they can’t have,” he said. “I don’t know about the disorder’s origin. I do know about the challenges many adults with autism face. I know that they want to love and be loved. And, I know they are capable of having meaningful, romantic relationships.”

“Autism in Love” has won “Best Documentary” by Warsaw Film Festival and Mammoth Lakes Film Festival and was recently the recipient of Utah Film Center’s “Peek Award for Disability in Film.”

 Seating is limited. Reserve your seat by emailing your first name, last name and age to