Dr. Ellis Crasnow, Director of The Help Group’s STEM3 Academy, was the keynote speaker at the Employability of People With Disabilities 2018 Conference on January 27th at the Shine Skills Center in Hong Kong.

The Shine Skills Center honored Dr. Crasnow by inviting him to be the keynote speaker, along with 11 other presenters from the Hong Kong area. The Center sought out and funded his participation in recognition of his experience and expertise directing STEM programs for students with high-functioning ASD, ADHD, and other social and learning differences.

Shine Skills Center is a division of the Vocational Training Council, which provides vocational training for 250,000 students a year, and has a range of programs that benefit those with disabilities. During his stay, Dr. Crasnow toured the Shine Skills Center’s facilities, met with students, and discussed approaches and strategies with the faculty.

Dr. Crasnow presented The Help Group as a global colleague to the Vocational Training Council – with a shared goal of furthering expertise through collaboration and cooperation.

“There is hope as never before for those with learning and social-emotional differences, as well as those with intellectual and physical differences, as new technologies and programs support their passions and interests, and their goal of finding lifelong, secure, meaningful employment,” expressed Dr. Crasnow.