Students Visit The Getty Center


getty-cbi_garden getty-cbi_group


The Help Group Bridgeport Vocational Educational Center’s students visited The Getty Center last Friday as part of a community-based instruction. On the special outing, the kids were able to take public transportation via the metro bus, enjoyed artwork and the beautiful gardens at The Getty on a guided tour. The day also included a tour guide at the museum who actively engaged students in discussion about the Getty’s art collection of painting and sculptures.

Bridgeport Vocational Education Center is for young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences, ages 18 to 22, providing vocational skills training, including supported job placements. Community-based instruction is any opportunity for the students to interact in the community. This could be as simple as walking down the street to a neighboring restaurant or drugstore or as complex as a guided tour of a museum that requires using public transportation and planning.

“Community based instruction is important because it gives our young adults opportunities to interact in various community settings, to be responsible for monetary transactions, and to practice pedestrian safety and appropriate social interactions with peers, and community members,” said a Bridgeport Vocational Education Teacher Specialist. “Our time at The Getty was a great way for the group to work on these skill sets and to build friendships with each other.”