Supporting the Mental Well-being of Young People During the Holidays

A study by the National Alliance on Mental Health found that 64% of people with mental health issues report that the holiday season can be a lonely or stressful time for them, filled with added anxiety and/or depression. The Help Group’s December webcast, “Supporting the Mental Well-being of Young People During the Holidays” on Wednesday, December 7th at 10am PT will focus on how families and professionals can address the stressors that many young people experience at this time of year, particularly those with mental health challenges.

Guest speakers Dr. Lucia Babayants, Registered Psychological Associate at The Help Group and Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Rosalinda Sanchez, LMFT PIER Program Coordinator and Therapist at The Help Group will offer simple, yet powerful, practices that can help parents, allies, or professionals promote mental wellness and ease the anxiety and depression felt by young people during the holiday season.