Ten Hidden Strengths of ADHD

Ten Hidden Strengths of ADHD

According to scientific literature from 2022, 50 to 70% of people with autism spectrum disorder also present symptoms of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD.)

While you may think that automatically puts those individuals at a disadvantage, there are several strengths that are often overlooked when it comes ADHD. In fact, several well-known icons have been diagnosed with ADHD. But what are some examples of the hidden strengths associated with ADHD?

Let’s dive in.


Many people with ADHD are creative and imaginative. Having ADHD gives one the ability to generate unique ideas and think outside the box in an unconventional way. On top of that, those with ADHD tend to embrace change—be it small or big. A 2011 study in Science Direct found that people with ADHD are more likely to generate and enjoy generating new ideas than those without ADHD.


While some of us may struggle to focus on the task at hand, those with ADHD have the capacity to fully engage and concentrate on things that interest them. They often find it easier to achieve a “flow” state. Also referred to “intense fixation”, hyperfocus is a symptom of ADHD and common among children and adults.

High Energy Levels

Unlike those of us who find ourselves getting very lethargic in the afternoons, people with ADHD have a natural propensity for excitement and energy and are often highly motivated and passionate about their pursuits. An article published in 2018 identified ADHD individuals as having an abundance of energy that they “positively attributed to their ADHD.”

Strong Intuition

In addition, individuals with ADHD can identify patterns and make connections in ways that neurotypical individuals can not.


Individuals with ADHD can think on their feet and adapt quickly. This means they have the capacity to find alternative, and out-of-the-box solutions to problems at hand.


While an individual with ADHD can focus on the task at hand, they also have the capacity to prioritize and manage their time in an effective way. According to CHADD, switching between tasks is very normal for individuals with ADHD, and working on multiple projects at once “seems to make sense.”


Individuals with ADHD are very sensitive by nature, and highly attuned to others’ emotions and nonverbal cues. They also have the capacity to connect with people on a deeper level.


Those with ADHD are very resilient and have proven time and time again they can persevere in the face of setbacks and challenges. They also bounce back quickly from failures.

Creativity & Humor

Many individuals with ADHD have a natural wit and sense of humor. The fact that these individuals are often creative in their approach to solving problems lends itself to a levity in how they view others. And, unsurprisingly, ADHD is often how children with ADHD choose to alleviate their stress.

Ability to Hyperfocus on Favorite Activities 

Given that people with ADHD tend to engross themselves in hobbies and interests, they have a capacity to develop a high level of expertise in different areas.

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