The Help Group Graduation 2023

The Help Group Graduation 2023

Graduation marks a huge milestone in the lives of high schoolers— the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. And for our neurodivergent young adults at The Help Group, graduation is an especially large milestone.

This year, 120 graduates from fourteen K-12 schools in Sherman Oaks, Valley Glen, Van Nuys, and Culver City, including Bridgeport School, Bridgeport Vocational Education Center, North Hills Prep, STEM3 Academy, Summit View School, Sunrise School, Village Glen School, and Westview School, all received their diplomas. Many will continue on to a range of colleges and vocational programs, while others are still cementing plans. And that isn’t a surprise– as we all know, graduation is a mixed bag of emotions. It marks the end of a defined moment in time for these young adults, and the beginning of what is very much the unknown.

If anything can be said of our Help Group graduates, it is that they overcame several hurdles to get this far. Dr. Susan Berman, the executive director of The Help Group, used the word “superhero,” to describe the tenacity of our graduates. “As I was sitting here, the word that kept coming up in my mind wasn’t hero, it was superhero. You guys are superheroes. “

And superheroes they are. The Help Group’s neurodiverse population persevered and exhibited resilience in every step of their educational journey. Each day brought with it a new struggle, but our graduates were determined to defy expectations. This kind of determination showcased remarkable growth and development. All the teachers who spoke at this year’s graduations remarked that the students had all grown in areas such as communication, social skills, and academic achievement.

So, this achievement should not be taken for granted. It represents the triumphs, personal growth, and empowerment exemplified by all our students, and the lengths they will go to conquer the world! Congratulations, graduates!

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