To Promote Autism Awareness, The Help Group Provides its Learn the Facts Information in English & Spanish to Elected Officials, Community Clinics, Regional Centers and Early Childhood Programs


The Help Group has once again launched its annual Autism Learn the Facts – Know the Signs campaign in English and Spanish. In the spirit of promoting greater awareness, understanding, and acceptance, The Help Group is pleased to share this important information with city, county, state and federal elected officials and their offices, The Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County, California Regional Centers, Healthcare providers and Early Childhood Programs.

Today, it is estimated that autism affects 1 in every 36 children in the U.S. Autism occurs in children of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Children from minority groups tend to be underdiagnosed or diagnosed later. Research shows, early identification and intensive early intervention can result in significant positive outcomes for many children with autism.

Whether the most appropriate program for a school-aged child is in special education or regular education settings, programs for children with autism should be based on each child’s unique needs. At The Help Group, we have a wide range of specialized day school programs tailored to meet our students challenges and encourage their strengths.

To help young people on the spectrum successfully transition to adulthood, there is a significant need to expand services. It is imperative that they have the opportunities to more fully realize their potential to lead more positive, productive and rewarding lives.

The Help Group is grateful to all who share the commitment to helping children with autism fully realize their potential.


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