Benefits of a Strengths-Based STEM Education for Neurodiverse Students Webinar

About this event The value of a STEM-focused education for students with ASD and other social and learning differences is irrefutable given their passion and abilities in STEM related fields, the increase in STEM related jobs, and significant underemployment among neurodiverse adults. Dr. Ellis Crasnow, The Help Group’s Director of STEM Education, will speak to the power of a strengths-based STEM education and how it positions these young people for future success. Rebecca Beam of Zavikon will then speak about employment opportunities for neurodivergent young people, including workplace readiness, job accommodations, and the role employers should play to support a successful employment relationship as well.

Hosted by The Help Group’s Dr. Jason Bolton, VP of Community Partnerships & Admissions.

Guest Speakers:

Ellis Crasnow, PhD, is a Los Angeles-based educator, innovator and entrepreneur engaged in transforming lifelong opportunities for special needs students. A pioneer in developing new teaching models for empowering students across the autism spectrum, Dr. Crasnow is a specialist on issues surrounding STEM, technology and special needs. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from USC, with a focus on the philosophy of science. He is the Director of STEM Education and Online Learning at The Help Group, and Founding Director of STEM³ Academy. Dr. Crasnow is a frequent speaker at conferences, nationally and internationally, on the importance of STEM education, special education, emerging technologies and neurodiversity in the workplace.

Rebecca Beam is the Founder and CEO of Zavikon. Zavikon is an employment agency dedicated to placing individuals who are neurodivergent and those with disabilities in career-focused employment. Prior to launching Zavikon she was a founding advisory team member launching MindSpark, Inc. whose mission was to train and employ adults on the autism spectrum in technology careers. After MindSpark’s acquisition by auticon, Rebecca became President of the US operations leading the US expansion and driving growth. As a veteran of the tech sector, Rebecca’s career has included senior leadership roles sourcing and developing human capital with high-demand skill sets for the area’s leading tech firms, including Fortune 100 and 500 brands. Rebecca believes there is a job out there for everyone to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way and she is dedicated to being a bridge to an inclusive working world. She is passionate about opening doors for all individuals with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent to achieve career success. In 2019, Rebecca won the prestigious Milestones Visionary Employer Award.

About The Help Group’s STEM³ Academy

The Help Group’s STEM³ Academy, located in San Fernando Valley, Culver City and Orange County, is the first K-12 school in the nation to provide a robust Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based curriculum to students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and other social and learning differences.

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