On Friday August 3rd, The Help Group’s Young Learners Preschool Program held their 2018 graduation ceremony at the Autism Center Auditorium.

At the start of the ceremony, each of the six graduates, wearing caps and gowns, walked down the aisle as proud family members took pictures, waved, and cheered for the young students.

After the procession, two graduating students recited the “Pledge of Allegiance” at the podium – a very impressive moment. Ms. Kim Liebowitz, a Young Learners music teacher, then sang a rousing, acapella version of “America The Beautiful.”

Graduates had the chance to showcase all they’d learned in music class with student performances of “Good Morning Song”, “I Like Clapping With You”, and “Play and Stop,” led by Ms. Liebowitz. In addition to singing, students played various percussion instruments.

Student performances were followed by a touching slide show, created by Mrs. Maricris Gomez, featuring various photos of each graduate. Family members grew emotional as they viewed poignant and cheerful moments from each graduate’s life.

“We are so proud of our preschoolers, and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in kindergarten. We are grateful for our wonderful community of support we have with our families, staff, and volunteers at The Help Group,” said Dr. Sara McCracken, Director of Young Learners and Early Educational Programs.

At the end of the ceremony, teachers presented the Young Learners graduates with their diplomas. It was truly a joyous and memorable occasion for parents and family members to celebrate.

Young Learners Preschool is an evidence-based, comprehensive, early intervention school program designed to serve children between 2.9 and 5 years of age with autism spectrum disorder. This unique preschool offers an intensive, six hour per day, five day per week special education program featuring small class size and teacher: student ratio of at least 1:3. Through specialized, evidence-based assessment and curriculum, a collaborative multidisciplinary team approach and family involvement, our mission is to create a positive, dynamic learning environment to help students with autism spectrum disorder reach their maximum potential.

For more information, please visit: https://www.thehelpgroup.org/school/young-learners-preschool-for-autism/

  1. Young Learner Graduate holds their diploma
  2. Young Learner Graduate walks down aisle
  3. Young Learner Graduate plays percussion instrument
  4. Young Learners await graduation
  5. (L-R) Jason Vaske, Assistant Principal, The Help Group’s Young Learners Preschool, Maricris “Makki” Gomez, Teacher, The Help Group’s Young Learners Preschool, Dr. Sara McCracken, Director of Young Learners and Early Educational Programs, The Help Group, Pam Clark, Director of Autism Schools, The Help Group.