Every October, we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) to acknowledge the contributions and skills of workers with disabilities. This month serves as a reminder of the importance of a supportive and diverse workforce.

Organizations like The Help Group play a pivotal role in fostering a more supportive society by offering vocational services that empower individuals with disabilities to thrive in the workforce. In this blog post, we’ll explore NDEAM and the impact The Help Group’s vocational services have on individuals with disabilities.

The Help Group’s Commitment to Empowering Individuals with Disabilities 

Our vocational services are a crucial component of The Help Group’s mission, as they provide individuals with disabilities the tools, support, and opportunities to succeed in the workforce.

The Help Group is dedicated to helping individuals with special needs achieve their full potential. In addition to Bridgeport School and Bridgeport Vocational Center, which places an emphasis on career education through six academies for students ages 5 to 22 with social communication and/or language development challenges, The Help Group offers many other programs for those on their vocational journey.

Through the Department of Mental Health (DMH) Program, The Help Group provides vocational assessment with services that include preparation assistance, assistance in completing applications, interview preparation, and job retention services. Supported Employment for Transition Aged Youth focuses on clients 18 to 25, and the goal is to work with DMH clients who are most at risk. This could include former homeless individuals or those who were in foster care. The Department of Rehabilitation Program for Adults offers the same services as the DMH Program, however their target audience is individuals with any disability, ages 16 and over. And The Help Group offers a youth-based program called the Student Services Work Experience, which is for individuals ages 16 to 22 who are currently attending high school and who have an identified disability. Through this program, The Help Group provides services to students at other local NPS’s who don’t have a work experience program.

Job Training and Skill Development

The Help Group’s vocational services begin with comprehensive job training and skill development programs. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs and abilities of everyone.

Whether it’s developing computer skills, improving communication, or gaining hands-on experience in specific industries, The Help Group offers a wide range of resources to prepare individuals for the workforce.

Supported Employment

One of the key aspects of The Help Group’s vocational services is supported employment. They work closely with employers to match job seekers with disabilities to suitable positions. This collaborative approach ensures that the job is a good fit for both the individual and the employer, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Workplace Accommodations

The Help Group recognizes that an inclusive work environment often requires reasonable accommodations. They partner with employers to identify and implement these accommodations, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can perform at their best without unnecessary barriers. Our work experience programs partner with many large organizations, such as Staples, Target, Best Buy, and Petco.

Promoting Independence

Independence is a core value of The Help Group’s vocational services. They empower individuals to develop life skills, including financial literacy, time management, and personal organization, helping them build a strong foundation for success in the workforce.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the success stories of individuals who have benefited from The Help Group’s vocational services. Their journey from job seekers to thriving employees is a testament to the impact of these vital services.

Get Involved 

You can make a difference during National Disability Employment Awareness Month by supporting organizations like The Help Group that are dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities. Whether you’re an employer looking to hire diverse talent or an individual seeking support, there are countless ways to contribute to the mission of a more inclusive workforce.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves the opportunity to be a part of the workforce. The Help Group’s vocational services are an embodiment of this commitment, providing individuals with disabilities the tools they need to succeed and shine in the workplace. As we celebrate NDEAM, let’s remember that inclusive and diverse workplaces benefit us all, enriching our communities and creating a more equal and compassionate society.

To learn more about Bridgeport School and Bridgeport Vocational Center, contact admissions@thehelpgroup.org.

To learn more about our workability program, visit www.thehelpgroup.org/program/workability-program/.

To learn more about the DMH Community Employment Program, please visit https://www.thehelpgroup.org/program/community-employment-program/.

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