The Help Group and Bear Givers were proud to present the 4th annual student art show Through Our Eyes: A Celebration of Young Artists. Bear Givers, a New York-based nonprofit organization, has generously sponsored the show for four years through its EmpowerArt Program for children.

Artwork created by the students of The Help Group’s Village Glen and Bridgeport Schools was on display April 26th through May 3rd at the JNA Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. All proceeds from the sale of artwork benefited the schools’ arts programs.

“The students’ pride and excitement at having their artwork professionally displayed, admired, and sold are overwhelming,” said Joseph Sprung, Bear Givers Founder and Chairman. “Bear Givers is delighted to support the Through our Eyes art show for the students of The Help Group.”

A special reception in honor of the young artists was held on Sunday afternoon, April 28th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The gallery was filled with Help Group students and their families, teachers, administrators, and Board members gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the artists.

Dr. Barbara Firestone, Help Group President & CEO, welcomed guests, “We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to Bear Givers for their support year after year of this wonderful art show and to James and Heidi Gray for hosting the show in the main space of their gallery. We are so proud of all our young artists!”

It was a warm and wonderful afternoon for the students and the many family members who attended the reception. James Gray remarked, “Heidi and I are so impressed by the talent and creativity of these young people.”

 “My daughter has been working hard all year on her painting, and it’s so exciting to see her finished creation hanging in this beautiful gallery,” shared one parent.

Congratulations to our 118 student artists whose artwork was featured in this year’s show!

To see the gallery guide from this year’s show, please click here.

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